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Milam & Greene - Unabridged Volume 1 Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Milam & Greene Whiskey has a perfect gift for whiskey and book lovers — Unabridged Volume 1, a new limited edition, literary-themed blend of straight bourbon whiskies. Milam & Greene created Unabridged Volume 1 by calling on the expertise of three award-winning authors and whiskey experts: Heather Greene, CEO of Milam & Greene, Noah Rothbaum and David Wondrich, authors of the Oxford Companion to Spirits and Cocktails and Flaviar’s resident liquor experts. This is a complex whiskey with a spirited personality developed by mingling various bourbons from different states, and a range of ages.

Upon sipping, a pop of spice punctuates the initial taste. This note is born in the young, wily casks aging in the Texas Hill Country. The whiskey’s flavor evolves quickly into a softness on the mid-palate with toasty robustness from the malted rye. It finishes with dark cherry notes characteristic of older bourbon.

David Wondrich, Flaviar’s Resident Spirits & Cocktails Historian, says, “on the nose is an oaky, split-log tang, which is cushioned by waves of pecan pie, maple syrup and creamed corn and a whiff of alcohol driving everything forward. The palate is rich and chewy, with cinnamon-spice oak and dark-chocolate notes to balance the richness. Long finish.”

Another team member, Milam & Greene’s Head of Cocktails & Spirits for Flaviar, Noah Rothbaum, describes it by saying, “on the nose, I get strong maple syrup and caramel notes with a bit of baking spices. On the palate, I get rich dark chocolate notes, plus stone fruits and a beautiful hint of malted rye and toasted wood.”

Whiskey blending is a core skill that this distillery uses to craft their award-winning whiskies. Milam & Greene Unabridged draws upon the distillery’s rich library of casks aging in their rickhouse in Blanco, Texas. It is created with a backbone of straight bourbon whiskies distilled by master distiller Marlene Holmes onsite in Texas and at Bardstown Bourbon Co. both using the same mash bill. Bourbon distilled in Tennessee and Kentucky bourbon round out the chapters. It is hand-bottled at 59% ABV / 118 Proof. Thirty-eight barrels were used to create Unabridged Volume 1, making this a delicious and special gift for whiskey lovers this holiday. It is thoughtful, refined, and in good taste.

Shoppers in Alberta Canada, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Texas, New Jersey, New York, Washington D.C., Washington State and Wisconsin can find Milam & Greene spirits at a local retailers which can be identified by visiting The distillery also processes direct orders online at www, and ships direct to consumers in 41 states across the nation.

About Milam & Greene

Milam & Greene was created by founder, Marsha Milam, whiskey expert and master blender, Heather Greene, and Kentucky veteran master distiller, Marlene Holmes. Their charming distillery sits in the lush, Texas Hill Country where the hot summers, mild winters, and wild temperature variances add spark and personality to their spirit. To achieve excellence, Milam & Greene brings in grains, yeast, barrels, and experience from across America to create their award-winning whiskies. Milam & Greene is award-winning, independent American Whiskey Range with over half a century of experience in each bottle.


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