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RECOVER 180° - Functional Hydration

Like it or not, today’s world demands that we multitask at a higher level—and for more hours—than ever before. In addition to the expectation to perform better, our chances of success multiply if we can also manage to look good while doing it. Thanks to scientific research, those who work hard and play harder are able to maximize their output with a revolutionary functional beverage called RECOVER 180°.

RECOVER 180 is a professional-grade isotonic formula that delivers real-time hydration for all ages and activities, ranging from post-workout recovery, hiking and jet lag, to maintaining everyday functional hydration. Each bottle contains just 60 calories with 11 grams of sugar and packs 930 mg of electrolytes–three times that of other leading sports drinks. The brand’s new sugar-free formula—with under 15 calories per bottle—is outperforming every other leading sugar-free sports drink on the market with its outstanding electrolyte count of 700 mg per bottle. RECOVER 180° is now NSF Certified for Sport® and is a chosen beverage for many major athletes, including heavyweight boxer Deontay Wilder, NFL Arizona Cardinals Wide Receiver and future Hall of Famer Larry Fitzgerald, and MLB Milwaukee Brewers Outfielder Christian Yelich.

The premium beverage combines plant-based ingredients to heal the body and fight inflammation, essential vitamins and minerals to boost immunity and electrolytes to rehydrate and energize. Key ingredients include potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin B complex, L-glutamine, ashwagandha, milk thistle and aloe vera. These substances can not only aid in performance and recovery, but they can boost skin health as well. “Vitamin C is critical for good skin health, not to mention its amazing beautification side effects,” says Christine Nell, Nurse Practitioner Partner at Skin Sisters, Managing Partner at SKIN FIVE, who works directly under Dr. Ava Shamban at AVA MD. “It helps with discoloration and photo protection and is also great at speeding up the body’s healing mechanisms. Therefore, it is especially important post-procedure for less downtime.”

The young, growing brand is expanding rapidly and most recently launched 480+ Publix Super Markets throughout Florida. “We’re thrilled to continue our expansion of RECOVER 180° into national retailers, including Publix Super Markets,” says founder Mike Meldman. “Our goal is to make this unique refreshing, hydration beverage widely accessible and we’re pleased to bring RECOVER 180° to Florida.” Created to fuel performance beyond just sport but also for the everyday person, RECOVER 180° delivers high quality hydration to those who aspire to live every day to their fullest.


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