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Sydney Miller - HOUSEWORK® Miller is the Founder and Creator of HOUSEWORK®, named Best Low Impact Workout by Women’s Health in 2020. Sydney created HOUSEWORK® in 2017 as a way to motivate her clients on the mat through musically driven routines that are equal parts challenging and addicting.

Sydney is also Master Instructor at SoulCycle, the revolutionary indoor cycling chain, and is known for her well thought out playlists that keep cult riders wait-listing her classes on the regular. She’s evolved with the brand since 2012 as a result and became Pilates certified before launching her signature class HOUSEWORK® in 2017. Whether on or off the bike, Sydney continues to motivate her squad to be the best versions of themselves through movement and music.

Jamie Agoglia: What inspired you to leave the corporate world to pursue a career in fitness?

Sydney Miller: Working in marketing and PR, felt like a chore to me. I didn’t like the environment; I didn’t like the work I was doing, and I definitely didn’t like sitting at a desk all day. I wanted to be in a profession that was creatively stimulating and one where I could directly impact people’s lives. Starting that transition at SoulCycle was an awesome first step to finding my voice and helping shape who I am as a fitness instructor.


HOUSEWORK® is an on demand app and live streaming workout that combines pilates and HIIT with unique choreography to create a fun, full-body sculpting class set to the beat of house music. Using your own body weight, light weights, sliders, and most importantly, the energy of the music, you’ll leave class feeling stronger, sculpted, and drenched in sweat!

What is your favorite aspect of HOUSEWORK®?

I created HOUSEWORK® as a way to motivate my clients and allow them to strengthen their body in a different way while still feeling the endorphin high of moving to the music. My favorite part of HOUSEWORK® is challenging my clients through unique and ever changing choreography and watching them get stronger every single week

How do fitness and confidence correlate to each other?

When developing HOUSEWORK® it was important to me to create a space where everyone came to enjoy themselves for a small part of the day. All of the routines at my pop-ups, on the app, and at my live classes are built around positivity and finding your own strength.

I regularly see how discovering what your body is capable of brings a new level of confidence. Through the workouts and uplifting atmosphere of HOUSEWORK®, I want to make sure everyone leaves feeling a little stronger and walking a little taller than when they came in.

What do you think the age of digital workouts means for the fitness world?

The expansion of digital workouts has allowed people to discover new workouts, different trainers, and whole genres of classes that might not exist in their city. Digital workouts are also great for those with packed schedules, who are always having trouble squeezing in the time to get to a class. I think the ease of taking a studio quality class from your own home brings a whole new level of accessibility to fitness, which is exciting.

This new era brings so much more to consumers, and I’m excited to see how it continues to grow to bring consumers a hybrid of both online and in-person experiences.

How is your pop-up and residency at the Sagamore South Beach in Miami going?

Working with the Sagamore South Beach has been an absolute blast. The Garden Deck is a gorgeous outdoor tented space. As a native of Miami, this residency allows me to welcome people from all around the world to the best city!

I am excited to continue doing pop ups this year to bring my clients in person experiences - next up: Look out for me in the Hamptons this summer!

What advice do you have for other young entrepreneurs?

It’s great to take calculated risks as a young entrepreneur and solicit feedback when it makes sense, but as a business owner it’s super important to trust your gut. No one knows your business and your clients the way that you do, and no one has the exact same vision you have for your brand. I would tell young entrepreneurs to trust themselves and their gut when making decisions.


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