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Tonino Lamborghini - Over the Years: 1981 – 2021, 40 Years Under the Taurus Sign

Four decades after its founding, the story of Tonino Lamborghini S.p.A. runs through the pages of the book “Tonino Lamborghini Over the Years. 1981-2021”, a project conceived and personally supported by Ferruccio Lamborghini, vice president and CEO of the company, who has dedicated the book to his father. A book printed in a limited edition of 500 copies, literally born “under the sign of the Bull,” with an all-Italian history that deserves to be told and celebrated.

During these first forty years since its foundation, Tonino Lamborghini has written pages of a story still in the making, distinguishing himself on the Italian entrepreneurial scene for his character and ingenuity, demonstrating an uncommon audacity in inventing new businesses. Moreover, the limitless curiosity and eclecticism of the founder have allowed the brand to stand out in different industries, reinterpreted innovatively and uniquely over the years. The result of this constant effort is shown in the pages of this sophisticated volume dedicated to the brand’s enthusiasts.

Following his father’s footsteps (and the ones of his grandfather, of course), Ferruccio Lamborghini today carries forward, head held high, the vision of a future firmly rooted in the family heritage. He blends his father’s teachings and the Lamborghinis’ tradition with his personal instinct as a biker and his attention to every single detail. Within the antique walls painted by the Carracci in the historical Palazzo del Vignola in Funo di Argelato, not far from Bologna, photographer Paulo Rentfle, under the creative direction of Roberto Rossi Gandolfi and Didier Falzone, captured the most iconic products of the world famous Emilian brand.

“This year marks the fortieth anniversary of the company founded by my father. Forty years of bold choices and goals were successfully reached thanks to his resourcefulness and Italian spirit. Since “Heritage is our future,” these four decades represent the solid base on which every day we build the future of our company. Therefore, with great satisfaction, I wish to share a memorable journey through the Tonino Lamborghini universe, confident that this anniversary is not just a glance at the past. However, above all, a new starting point to look at the future with renewed enthusiasm and energy”, said Ferruccio Lamborghini, Ceo, and VP of Tonino Lamborghini Spa.

Leafing through the book’s pages, it is noticeable how each product has managed to find a merging point between fashion and market demands in different periods, always with the addition of that personal touch that has characterized the Tonino Lamborghini brand’s experience. In the volume Over the Years, consumer goods are pictured as works of art to celebrate a particular history that has made Italy great. Because “Heritage is our future,” as Ferruccio Lamborghini declared.

The Bull brand’s collections are a summa of Italian style: bold lines and original design have always been the starting point for creating new accessories and the conception of projects, always conceived as authentic luxury experiences. In the various expressions of the brand’s lifestyle design, the objects represent a way of being, balancing innovation with the solid family background; Tonino Lamborghini accessories become sources of inspiration for those who wish to experience and proudly show a prestigious piece of Italian history. The world of mechanics and engines is a constant element that embraces every segment of production. The shapes and designs regularly recall the mechanics and speed tradition. Passion for classical and modern art and the innate inclination for achieving the highest aesthetic value also play a leading role. Thus, the Emilian brand’s corporate culture and education create a universe of style always ready to experiment in new fields, without ever giving up that “Lamborghini DNA” that leaves its mark on the extraordinary vision of things.

Knowing how to adapt to the changes of time is the central ability of modern man. So when in 1981 the Commendatore Tonino Lamborghini decided to found the homonymous brand, his idea was clear and precise. He wanted to create a brand dedicated to luxury that could be a new symbol of Italian style in the world and, at the same time, to outline a way of doing entirely personal business. So today, under the symbol of the “raging Miura bull,” the Italian entrepreneur gathers his dynasty (one son and four daughters), whose souls have the same indomitable spirit: modern women and men, masters of their destiny. And “under Taurus sign,” the Lamborghini destiny continues to prosper until today, beyond the Pillars of Hercules of the Italian entrepreneurial reality.

Tonino Lamborghini has demonstrated ingenuity and eclecticism in eight lustra of activity like the Renaissance artists of the 15th and 16th centuries. Modern heir of those variegated characteristics that have made the unmistakable Italian taste famous worldwide, continuing to sign objects linked by the common thread of savoir vivre. From the mechanic’s world to design, Tonino Lamborghini has been a forerunner of times, showing off his father’s personality traits, combined with an entrepreneurial vision that has allowed the company to see beyond the unlimited spaces of its horizon. And there are several records of innovation in his production. In 1983, for instance, Tonino embarked on a new experience, opening up a new Silk Road to the East: he is among the first to export Italian culture and the family heritage internationally. This is the beginning of an unprecedented path for Italian entrepreneurship, which led the Country’s luxury industry into a new modern era that has never stopped since.

From an idea of Ferruccio Lamborghini | Editorial Direction: Roberto Rossi Gandolfi | Photography: Paulo Renftle | Book Design: Bureaubureau | Editor: Arianna Lisa Bruna Pinton | Contributors: Dario Budroni,

Margherita Calabi, Francesco Di Nuzzo, David Giudici, Luca Petoletti, Dan Vardie | English Editing: Diane Kim Lutkin Technical Director: Gaetano Dal Toso | Printing: Graficart Arti Grafiche S.R.L.


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