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What To Know If You’re Thinking Of Buying A Motorcycle

Motorbikes are often something that people think about getting, but there are a lot of thoughts that might hold you back. They’re incredibly fun looking, they’re fast, and they’re a lot more liberating to drive than most cars - but they’re much more dangerous than cars, too. You don’t have the protection that a car can offer, and with that, you’re much more susceptible to injury if you were ever to be in an accident.

That’s not to say that motorbikes are more likely to be in an accident; that depends on the driver. Some drivers may even claim they have more control over their vehicle than they would in a car.

Bikes aren’t cheap

You might have taken a look at what kind of motorcycles are available for you on the market, and the prices might come across as impressive and efficient, but there’s more to them than that. If you’re new to motorcycle ownership, you may not be looking to buy the most powerful of them, but there are many cheaper and less powerful options available for you to choose from. The average beginner motorcycle price is around $5000-$10000, but even then there will be much cheaper options.

It is worth noting that when it comes to your insurance, you may be paying less to insure a motorbike than you would a car, so you’re actually saving money in this area - but not by much.

Then there comes the gear that you’ll need to purchase with the motorcycle. For the power you’re getting, the bike itself might be cheap, but once you start to consider how much the protective gear costs - it’s going to set you back. You should know that this is something you should absolutely not cheap out on, as you don’t want to be let down by a cheap helmet if you end up in an accident while driving.

Every bike is different

Even if you like the look of the bike and you think that it’s perfect for you, it’s important to understand that every bike you try out will be different. It might not feel right for you, and the seat height is a serious issue that you may have trouble with. If the seat is too high for you, and you can’t plant your feet securely on the ground, then the bike isn’t a good choice for you - the very best case scenario that can come out of this is that your bike falls over risking dents and scratches.

The weight of the bike is also incredibly important. This will contribute to how the bike feels to ride, and how much control you have over it. You’ll find that if you’re quite light, putting more of your weight onto a heavier might have a much lower impact. You want something that you can control, especially if you’re a beginner with no experience with any kind of bike. Your safety is on the line if you invest in a bike that’s far too powerful for you to properly handle.

Buying a used bike

Again, as a beginner, you shouldn’t be expecting too much from yourself. It’s probably best to start off with a used bike, to save yourself from wasting money and the fear of damaging your bike. So long as it’s functional, you can get started without harming an overly expensive vehicle. Even if you’re a fast learner, you’re still likely to at least scratch your bike until you’ve got a decent amount of experience.

Newer vehicles are much more difficult to maintain, as they've yet to see any use, and you’ll feel a lot more protective over them to keep them in their best condition.

When you go to buy a bike, this is the best time to get a feel of it and make sure it’s right for you. Ask if you can get on it and see how it feels to sit on and picture it for yourself. This can be a great way to feel if something is off, and make sure you arrive prepared with information about that particular model.


It’s easy to overestimate your own abilities to control a bike until you take it for a ride, and at that point, it will be too late. It’s always best to start off with something slow and work your way up. A lot of beginners make the mistake of thinking they want the best motorbike they can get their hands on, and that’s not always the case. If you are ever in a motorcycle accident, you’ll want to hire a motorcycle accident attorney to help you get your case together. When it comes to motorbikes, you can never be too prepared.


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