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Handcrafted Bulletproof Whisky Cabinet

When it comes to collecting high value scotch, it’s not easy to find the right cabinet to showcase your bottles securely and in style. The Whisky Vault does just that. Behind a bulletproof window, your bottles are well protected from uninvited intruders to tipsy friends, who may accidentally open a prized bottle while you’re out getting more ice.

It takes years to accumulate a respectable whisky collection so why not show it off in a cabinet well deserved. Easily stock your favorite bottles through the side-loading design. Before opening the vault door, you will need to enter your security code into the La Gard electronic lock system. The vault opens with the turn of a machined aluminum tri-spoke handle. The Whisky Vault is the ultimate conversation piece and the perfect cabinet to showcase your finest bottles and will surely impress your friends.

Perfect for the home bar, billiard room, man cave, entertainment center or that private bar at the office. The solid steel plate construction ensures your bottles are protected when your away. A rechargeable LED light strip will illuminate the inside of the Whisky Vault with the swipe of your hand, another swipe and the light turns off.

Whether you collect Scotch Whisky, Irish Whiskey, American Bourbon, Rye, Rum, Tequila, Vodka, Kaoliang, Maotai or Cognac ,the Whisky Vault is for you. Display bottles vertically in the patented and most secure custom built whisky cabinet available.

Airbrushed artwork is also offered to individualize each Whisky Vault. This feature will add to the cost but it’s well worth it. Open your vault door and reveal a fire dragon or other themed design.

Each Whisky Vault is handcrafted, individually numbered and secured to a solid teak cabinet with leveling casters. The vault holds up to 21 bottles of your most precious booze while the cabinet below holds another 21 bottles of your daily sippers and a shelf for glassware.

Measurements: 30" Wide / 15.75" Deep / 49.5" Tall / 308 lbs.

Starting at US $6,000.


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