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Hillrock Estate Distillery's Whiskey

With a mission to produce the finest hand-crafted spirits, Hillrock Distillery ages its whiskey in fine oak, using its onsite Malt House while hand bottling at the estate. Like their premier spirits, every detail is refined with no expense spared when it comes to tradition of 200 years of rich history. The distillery produces different blends such as Solera Aged Bourbon Whiskey, Single Malt Whiskey, and Double Cask Rye Whiskey.

Hillrock Estate Distillery is located in the heart of the historic Hudson Valley, two hours north of New York. The property overlooks the rolling barley fields with an unparalleled view of the distant Berkshire Mountains and Appalachian Trail. Prime farmland, crystal clear water, favorable climate and a rich local history of fine spirits make a unique terroir which is profoundly expressed in Hillrock’s whiskeys.

The fine Georgian house which crowns the estate was built in 1806 by a Revolutionary War Captain. He was born in nearby West Cornwall, CT and was one of Ethan Allen’s Green Mountain Boys and played an important role in the battles of Fort Ticonderoga and Saratoga. After the war, he became a successful Hudson Valley grain merchant and Free Mason, building the house when he was 55 years old, and where he and his wife lived happily well into their 80s. The estate was meticulously restored to its original beauty in 2006. The fine details and craftmanship of the house reflect the pride of the region, two hundred years ago and Hillrock’s commitment to quality and tradition.

The Hillrock Distillery, Malt House, Granary and Barrel Houses are located at the center of the estate surrounded by the rolling grain fields. Integrated into the landscape, the traditional barn structures convey a simple, timeless elegance. The complex also forms the heart of the “field-to-glass” craft distilling operation. The Distillery houses Hillrock’s custom-made copper distillation equipment. The copper pit still, mast tun and spirit receiver were handmade by American craftsmen made to specific specifications. Housed in a traditional barn, the state-of-the-art equipment provides the team with extradentary control over the character and quality of each individual small batch of premier artisanal spirits.

Hillrock’s Malt House provides the essential bridge between the estate’s farming and craft distilling operations and plays a critical role in the alchemy of turning grain into fine whiskey. Hillrock is proud to be one of the worlds few distilleries’ that floor malts its own naturally grown grain and hand-crafts premier spirits traditionally in small batches from the estate. As in fine estate wineries, the harvest from each of Hillrock’s fields is separately harvested, stored, processed and craft distilled to highlight the subtle differences in terroir and provide a unique depth of character. Hillrock Estate Distillery grows grain naturally, without the use of pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers and raise their grain using sustainable, organic methods. The distillery is committed to bringing back heirloom grain varieties which are hardy, environmentally friendly and far richer in flavor and complexity than the mass-produced varietals commonly used by factory malt operations and distillers. They are committed to sustainable farming methods and our nutritious distillers’ grains is used to feed local livestock after distillation.

Hillrock’s visitor center is integrated with the Distillery and overlooks the Estate’s barley and rye fields. The tasting room and bar provide customers with an opportunity to sample and purchase the fine whiskeys available at the distillery. Tours of the distillery are by appointment only and can be arranged by calling the property or booking on the website at

Owned and operated by husband and wife duo, Cathy Franklin and Jeffrey Baker of NYC, Hillrock is a passion project for the couple. There desire and commitment to quality led to the establishment of Hillrock Estate distillery in Ancram, NY, a short drive from New York City. Together, they have assembled a best in class group of dedicated professionals to ensure the highest quality and innovation in the craft distilling industry.

Hillrock bottles are available on the East Coast, West Coast and some states within the Midwest. Depending on style, these award-winning whiskeys can retail anywhere in price from $92.00- $100.00. The recommended way to drink Hillrock is neat but can also be incorporated into some delicious cocktails such as the Mint Julep and Whiskey Sour.

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