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Louis XIII - The Ultra Rare N°III Red Decanter

With only 200 N°XIII red decanters available worldwide, the rare N°XIII experience is limited to one decanter per club per night. Only 0.0000038361% of people worldwide will have the chance to experience N°XIII.

LOUIS XIII cognac is the result of the life achievement of generations of Cellar Masters, blending the finest eaux-de-vie using grapes grown exclusively in Grande Champagne. It is essential for LOUIS XIII to be experienced as a ritual, drop by drop, to reveal a prolonged and evolving expression of flavor, in a single moment of excellence.

Customers who want to try their luck by ordering one of the N°XIII Experiences can log on LOUIS XIII Society* or directly through the select nightclubs. A LOUIS XIII Brand Ambassador will contact each of them to organize this unique adventure. The experience is so exclusive that there is a greater chance of being accepted on a space mission.


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