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Playbook - Staying Active During the Holidays, No Matter Where You Are

This holiday season, Playbook is here to help you stay active and on track with your fitness goals - no matter where you are. Playbook Technologies is the world’s leading mobile marketplace where the industry’s top creators in health, fitness, and athletics turn their own training content into subscription-based income. Playbook’s mobile tech platform enables ‘creators' to seamlessly build, launch and manage their own subscription business from their iPhone, while offering consumers an all-access pass to some of the biggest names in training and wellness without the high price tag.

Playbook co-founder and CEO Jeff Krahel explains that the company’s strategy focuses on continuously investing in the technological infrastructure and services offered to creators, explaining that this backing directly ensures their ongoing success. “We are a tech-driven talent agency for fitness, a platform built on providing the best-in-class tools from a creator perspective first and foremost,” says Krahel. “The future of our company exists on supporting our creators at every stage, similar to that of an accelerator, to maximize our overall impact.”

Unlike other popular digital fitness experiences that stifle instructors over content ownership and strict contracts, Playbook focuses on the creator side of the business; ensuring them full ownership over their content, data and strategy. Playbook knows creators have the ability to earn significantly more as individual entrepreneurs if they are provided with the proper technology and training to do so. “We have influencers earning well over the salary of a Peloton instructor from their own living room, filming a few pieces of content each week,” notes Krahel. Creators who are investing in their personal brand have dedicated creator management and expert engineering teams behind them, giving each creator the resources and support to ensure seamless functionality so they can focus their energy and attention on enhancing their programming and connecting with their audience.

This premium experience has already attracted hundreds of the most influential creators in the industry today, including celebrity trainers Magnus Lygdback, trainer to Gal Gadot, Alicia Vikander & Ben Affleck; Boss Everline, trainer to Kevin Hart; Don Saladino, trainer to Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively; Melissa Alcantara, trainer to Kim Kardashian; model & athlete Nina Agdal and hundreds more. Just one, low-cost subscription gives consumers unlimited access to train with these top-tier experts anytime, anywhere. Creators drop new programs, challenges, and workouts on a weekly basis, with the app allowing subscribers to link their calendar with these programs in order to stay motivated and focused on their intended goals.

Playbook offers something for everyone, allowing subscribers the chance to join the community for just $1 for their first month. After that, they are given the option to pay $14.99/ month or $99.99/ year, breaking down to just $0.49/ day or $0.27/ day. The app gives users the option to follow one creator on the platform so that you can stay on track with their workouts and challenge programs; however, a user has the ability to switch that choice at any time and as many times as they’d like. Creators add new content to their platform on a daily basis and are available to all subscribers of the app at any time. Playbook is for all individuals on their fitness journey, and is the perfect subscription to gift to everyone on your list this holiday season.

Founded in 2016 along the principles of innovation, accessibility and quality, Playbook has become a leader in fitness content and is currently one of the highest-rated industry apps on the App Store and Google Play. Playbook is a private company headquartered in New York City. Investors include E-ventures, Michael Ovitz, Abstract, and Porsche.

Published 12/21/2021


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