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Take Your Finest Cigars & Humidors with You - Benchmark: The All-wood Travel Humidor

“Do what you love for a living and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Certainly a barometer for success can be measured in one’s passion. Says Danny Jackson, CEO of Benchmark Humidors, “I think it’s really important to be passionate about the work I do. Building these humidors is a way of taking that adage to a very real level. I love my work.” He grins, brushing off his vest. It’s December in Gunter, Texas. A professional woodworker for well over twenty years, and a production manufacturer for the past ten, Danny’s companies have built everything from fine C-Suite furniture to hand crafted rocking chairs that (he hopes) would make Sam Maloof proud. He continues, “My appreciation for wood spans a wide gamut. I get reminded of a random chapter in my life just from a whiff of fresh-cut wood. “I’ve been an evolving cigar aficionado since college, working at the only cigar lounge in Waco, Texas. So, finding a way to bring a love for cigars into this realm has only made me enjoy work all the more. I’ve made humidors over the years. Consider a fine wooden piece…it typically isn’t supposed to exist with water yet that’s precisely what we design, humidors for cigars to be kept in.”

He points out that Benchmark Humidors are made to be enjoyed. “I observe folks who see our humidor and consider it a compliment when their reaction is to reach out just to feel its form before picking it up. My job is done at that point.” He’s certainly thought this through. Fingertips find a natural grasp along its smoothed edge, or rest a cigar in its cove and step away for a moment. It’s an understated, thoughtful work of art. About that tactile experience? “The finish we use took me 20 years to discover; it’s actually a pleasure to breathe and our craftsmen apply it with only a soft cloth and bare hands…just to the exterior, of course. It’s all-natural, gives protection and enhances the beauty of our fine veneers. We also sand to fine grits so after the finish is on, the wood takes on a buttery smoothness. You feel the wood’s natural character.” To the critic missing a highly polished lacquer surface, Danny states softly but firmly, “Lacquer certainly has its place, but respectfully not on a Benchmark. These are meant to be used, not just displayed.” The name Benchmark is a bold statement that Danny explains, “We call our company Benchmark. So as the name requires, our aim is to provide a quality product for many years to come. Of course, there’s a lifetime warranty for whoever the owner may be. And, I love telling people my life’s mission, it’s simply stated in four words: “Make God look good.” That’s the benchmark for the quality of our work.” Liturgy or not, that’s certainly a high standard and perhaps a benchmark worth attaining. All wood. All good. The finest desktop and walk-in humidors are constructed from wood. Benchmark believes you should be able to take that and a handful of cigars with you, wherever you go. Made entirely of wood for a lightweight yet sturdy companion that feels as good as it looks; each is lined inside with Spanish cedar to provide a properly humidified environment. Only the best will do. Like the natural materials and hand-guided, hand-crafted production process, even the name Benchmark was carefully curated. A “benchmark” is a standard of reference against which things may be compared or assessed. Benchmark requires that their humidors set the highest standards. And they achieved it, with style and substance. Every detail is intentional. Take the lid. It gently locks into place with a satisfying click to assure your prized sticks are safe and secure. Even when held upside down or jostled in your golf bag, the uniquely-designed lid stays shut with your cigars protected. The lid’s hidden angles and mating surfaces are intended to reduce airflow and maintain relative humidity. Finally, each humidor is autographed with a brass Benchmark seal, inserted into the wood by hand. It’s the perfect punctuation to a bold statement of quality. A new Benchmark. Bring your best, anywhere. Your Benchmark is built to travel with you on all your adventures and last a lifetime. Designed to work in concert with Boveda® humidification packets and available in a variety of stunning wood finishes, these are made entirely in the USA. Make a Benchmark Humidor an integral part of your cigar experience. Please visit for yours.


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